Masters Swim Club for Adults in Los Angeles

Masters Swim Club - Competitive Swimming Technique

The only Masters Swim Club for Adults in Los Angeles offering technique for all levels of swimmers. Graduate from our Private Lessons series and start swimming laps continuing to work strictly on your technique. We will ensure you maintain your quality, not quantity. Course covers every stroke and workout philosophy.

The Masters Swim Club for Adults in Los Angeles is perfect for triathletes and open-water swimmers. Our practices ensure you maintain efficient swimming while preparing you for the first leg of your races. Practices focus on technique for every stroke, lap swimming etiquette and the physics of freestyle open-water racing. Open to everyone, this practice meets Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Attend every day or just as your schedule allows. The cost is $150.00 for a month. We recommend you consider our practices as a stroke clinic.

With many teams and practices to choose from in Southern California, we know that swimmers sometimes need special attention to their strokes. We recommend you maintain your current team memberships and join our practices for individualized technique work. Current members of the LA Tri Club or any other local Masters Swim Club in Los Angeles are eligible to receive a 20% discount. Simply show us your identification cards at practice and let us know when you register.

Ages: 18 years old and up Learn proper swimming techniques!
Level: Beginners to Intermediate Best technique for your body!
Type: Group lesson Call 323-364-7946 for more information
Length: Tues/Thurs &
Sat/Sun - 1 hr
Swim Team for Adults
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Monthly Cost: $150.00 per month

One-on-One: Private Swim Lessons

Open water lessons are one hour, minimum. Swim workouts should be varied, each workout with a purpose or focus, and a proper amount of time allotted for building endurance, improving technique, increasing speed, developing open water-specific skills, and recovery. While the optimum training mix is specific to each individual (for example, new swimmers would spend more time working on technique, while elite swimmers spend less time on technique and more on building endurance) all swimmers should hit all of these bases. Our coaches will incorporate your goals and design the best workout for you!

Ages: 16 years old and up Swimming refresher course
Level: All levels Better swim stroke technique
Type: Private lesson Call 323-364-7946 for more information
Length: 60 minutes One-on-One Private Lesson
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Course: Scheduled as needed
Cost: $115.00 per swimmer

Five one-on-ones

Purchase a package of five 1-hour lessons at a discounted price. Whether you are looking to learn to swim, develop open-water techniques and strategies, or would like advanced stroke correction, we will design the program for you.

Ages: 16 years old and up Your Personal Swim Program
Level: All levels Enjoyable and fun
Type: Private Lesson Call 323-364-7946 for more information
Length: 60 minutes Five One-on-Ones
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Course: Scheduled as needed
Cost: $525.00

Free Swim Consultation

Have A question about learning to swim or making your child water safe? Contact us for more information about our private swimming lessons for kids and group swim classes.

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Private Lessons In Your Pool

Private Lessons Are The Best Way To Learn To Swim!
The best way to learn to swim is in the comfort of your own pool. We can provide private swim lessons or group swimming classes in your backyard pool.

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Our ocean swimming classes and swimming lessons are offered at:
Local city beaches such as:
Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Swim Lessons in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades at:
The Maggie Gilbert Aquatics Center
15777 Bowdoin Street
Los Angeles, CA 90272

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